Enjoy these guides to the cities of Santa Clarita and Ventura.

Popular Real Estate Searches for Santa Clarita Real Estate

Below, are a dozen of the most popular property searches visitors have made on the site:

By Zip:
Homes in 91355 Under $500,000
Homes in 91321 Under $500,000
Homes in 91390 Under $500,000

By Size:
Homes Over 2600 SF in Valencia Under $800k
Homes Over 3000 SF in 91355 (Valencia)
Homes Under 2000 SF in Ventura

By Bedroom Count:
3 Bedroom Homes in Santa Clarita
4 Bedroom Homes in Santa Clarita
5 Bedroom Homes in Santa Clarita

By Niche:
3 BR/2BA homes in Santa Clarita From $400-$500k
2 BR/2BA homes in Ventura Under $400,000
2 BR/2BA homes in Saugus Under $400,000


Canyon Country

Canyon Country has been around longer than Valencia. The benefit of finding homes built back then, is the larger lot sizes, and lower real estate...



There is no town in Santa Clarita more diverse financially, culturally, or socially than Newhall. Located in the southern-most part of Santa Clarita,...


Saugus, CA

Ask 5 people which part of Santa Clarita Saugus, CA is in, and you might get 5 different answers. The newest communities in Saugus are River Village...


Stevenson Ranch

Perhaps someday, Stevenson Ranch will become an official part of Santa Clarita. Today though, they are an independent town on the west side of the 5...



Valencia,CA enjoys close proximity to Santa Clarita's main shopping destinations and is the heart of Santa Clarita. Learn about the neighborhoods of...


Ventura County

Entering Ventura County, a person can feel like they've entered another state completely. Gone are the miles of houses packed tightly together. The...